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Jiangmen Nanguang Electrical Appliance Industrial Co.,Ltd
3th, Shuncheng Industrial District, Hetang, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

The business enterprise foundation on October 8 in 1979, ancient town of a" Chinese lights are all".In order to win south light in mountain City  electricity rice  factory, precursor in 80's with full whole country of" give or get an electric shock the hot cup" .
In 2000 years successful of from collective  business enterprise change is privately owned incorporated company.Cover 40,000 square meters of area,58,000 square meters of the factory premises area.Own fixed assets 480,000,000 dollars.

In June of 2008, our company moves the province of go toward Guangdong river the retail sales river pond becomes the industry area fluently, changing name to river's retail sales  south light  electric appliances industry limited company, covering 80000 square meters of area.
June to 08 years, our company owns employee's more than 800 personses, technocracy 90 personnel, deluxe 12 engineers,30 engineer, professional technician's more than 130 personses.
The profession of our company produces each kind of rice cooker, fries the pot with the pot, electricity much, slow saucepan, coffee pot, electric oven etc. the appliance product, the year produces to amount to 380 many ten thousand sets.
Business enterprise production scale:
The business enterprise owns automatic four of examination line of the most advanced modern computer in 90's, half automatic two.Provide with to hurtle to press the equipments more than 800 sets, the automatic aluminum   electricity turns to handle the production line, don't be stained with to spray the production line of and outward appearances to face the automatically spray of the processing to draw the production line.Still have the modern to note the  production  car largely.
Have the laboratory and the examination centers that the modern forerunner examines the equipments, the overall supervision product quantity.

The business enterprise sale scale:
Sold the rice cooker in 2000, use the pot 1,800,000 more sets, give or get an electric shock to fry the pot to wait 200,000 sets.
Sold the rice cooker in 2001, use the pot 2,500,000 more sets, give or get an electric shock to fry the pot, coffee pot,450,000 sets of electric oven
Anticipated to sell the rice cooker in 2002, use the pot 3,300,000 more sets,600,000 sets of other small appliance products.

Mainly sell the United States, middle east, Europe and Southeast Asias, among them, the American market has 30% that the year sell, the market of middle east has 15% that the year sell, the European market has 20% that the year sell, the market of Southeast Asia has 25% that the year sell.The main customer has the Sunbeam, Black& Decker, Conair, the Morphy Richard, Elta and Pensonic/ Sharp.
The business enterprise ovation businessman come!

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